Electromagnetic ectypes

Having appeared less than 100 years ago, electronic systems now are huge part of our everyday life. Every year the number of electrical devices around us is increasing and their designs and interactions between them become more complicated. All these devices can serve different purposes, but they have one thing in common. That thing is their own voice, which is inherent to all electrical equipment – the electromagnetic irradiation.

Large number of different technologies have been created for the detection and interpretation of high frequency electromagnetic waves. These technologies allow to send and receive information at a distance and include radio transmitting equipment, television systems, wi-fi, etc.

However, there is another hidden layer of sound frequency "garbage" irradiation, which have a opposite quality. The high frequency radio waves are transmitting various information in constant motion more like atmospheric phenomena, but sound frequency radio waves are practically static and form a kind of electromagnetic landscape.

Changes in this landscape are global and tectonic. Their audiovisual monitoring allows us to overview the state of surrounding technologies at different time periods and rearrange interaction with them.

“Electromagnetic ectypes” are the samples that preserves information about a certain development stage of the electromagnetic landscape. The process of a certain technological layer ectype making includes three stages: the production of a technological sample, its isolation as an autonomous object, and making the ectype of the electromagnetic trace.

This sample further exists independently of the other landscape in the form of three-dimensional electromagnetic fields collage generated by devices of the investigated technological layer.

The relief of the electromagnetic surface then can be perceived by means of direct conversion of electromagnetic oscillations into sound waves and their visualization with the help of special installations.

The “Electromagnetic ectype” object is a structure made of various found objects that generate electromagnetic radiation. The object arrangement in space forms visual "electronic score" of a musical work that can also be used to generate reproducible sound sequences.